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My publisher said that calling it “Servant Leadership” would really bomb because 'Servant' scares people. Are you afraid to serve?

Maya Angelou:  I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.


What we're about:

Leadership isn’t necessarily something we see – per se. Rather, I believe it's something we feel; and, more importantly, something that the ‘people we serve’ feel.    This site, then, is just another litany among all of the leadership sites, and books that have been written for millennia – from Lau Tzu; to Buddha; and, Yeah – I said it – Christ; to Covey; to Maxwell; to Dupree; but, with one small [I think minor but critical] point of clarification: you can lead all you want; but will people follow? Will people believe? Have you ‘earned’ enough credits to lead? Or are you the kind of leader that, in military parlance gets, or is a prime candidate to be, ‘fragged?’  We're all about how to build trust and respect within, and among the ranks. We're about laying down all of the preconceived notions that [I think] you’ve ever had – or been taught; and, we're all about getting at whether the people you lead believe in you or not.   


Can you/Will you Serve?

Whether 'they' work because of you’ or ‘in spite of you’ becomes the seminal question.  I contend that people really [freaking REALLY] follow and – yes – can come to love their leader and will go to any end to do what the leader wants because that leader has demonstrated over and over that they [the leader] only have the best interest of their employees/ team/readers at heart.  The job of a leader is to give people everything they need to do their job [tools; resources; training; inspiration] and then get the hell out of their way.  Are you afraid?  Are you ready?


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   Tim Haggerty received a Summa Cum Laude BSBA in Economics & Sociology from Regis University as well as an MBA from Denver University – Daniels School of Business and is currently the CEO/President of Benevolent Dictator Consultancy. Previously, Tim was the Plant Director at Ocean Spray Cranberries, Lehigh Valley Bottling facility. Prior to that, Tim served as the Plant Director, for Ocean Spray at the Bordentown, NJ facility; as well as the Henderson, NV facility.  With 30+ years of operational management leadership, 20+ of which were spent with Coors Brewing Company, he has a proven track record of cultural transformation experience ranging in the manufacturing of bottles, cans and ends through the blending and packaging of beer and juices. His professional interests focus on Operations & Quality, Leadership of high performance teams, P&L, strategic planning, financial analysis, capital improvement, leadership development and World Class Safety (4 times in 3 different plants reaching over 1 MM hours without a lost time accident distinction with one plant even reaching 3.5MM hours without a lost time accident). His previous accomplishments during his tenure in Bordentown include:               

  • 1MM Hours without a lost time accident (obtained twice)
  • Increased production by 76%
  • Reduced costs 12%
  • Reduced overall manufactured cost/case 38%
  • Reduced overall material loss by 142%
  • Reduced overall headcount 26%
  • Reduced overall “Formal/Org. Chart"  [Leadership” headcount by 41%]
  • Increased overall plant throughput by 20%
  • World Class Maintenance
  • Plant Manager of the Year for Pool Year 2008

As Plant Director in the Lehigh Valley, he was tasked with closing down Ocean Spray’s largest packaging facility in NJ while starting up a brand new, $150MM facility in PA, all without a loss of market share while attaining all safety, quality and cost goals for both facilities. During this period, the PA facility also achieved 750,000 hours without a lost time accident.   Married to his wife, Bernadette, for over 28 years and a father of five. In his spare time he enjoys traveling and golfing.  

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